Yellowstone National Park Youth Campus

One of our most recent projects pushes the boundaries for sustainable development within a national park. Hennebery Eddy won a design competition in early 2015 for a new Youth Campus at Yellowstone National Park.

Our design solution proposes a campus of Living Buildings – the first ever in a national park – in the world’s first national park. Through the framework of the seven petals of the Living Building Challenge (Place, Water, Energy, Health, Materials, Equity, and Beauty), the project seeks to create a healthier, more culturally rich, and ecologically restorative campus.

We drew inspiration from the dramatic landscape of Yellowstone National Park and the rich cultural history of the region. The buildings are arranged on the site to take advantage of dramatic views, with minimal disturbance of the site’s natural topography. We chose a limited exterior palette of zinc, weathered steel, reclaimed wood siding, and local stone to create a durable exterior skin while also reflecting the natural colors and textures of the park. The open, warm, and well-connected campus will support interaction and foster life-long bonds between young campers.

Project Contact

Timothy R. Eddy FAIA


Design Competition Winner, National Park Service & Yellowstone Park Foundation 2015