Designing to inspire, embrace, and renew.

Driven by a passion for community, connecting people to nature, and making others successful, Hennebery Eddy Architects designs to inspire, foster belonging, and contribute to a regenerative future. From our studios in Portland, Bend, and Bozeman, we serve clients nationwide.

We are thoughtful architects, planners, interior designers, and preservationists who take personal ownership in our work. Together, we advocate for healthy, efficient, and adaptive designs and the revitalization of existing places — creating spaces where people gather, work, learn, and recreate.

Our Work

Hennebery Eddy demonstrates excellence in design across the markets we serve. We strive to create human-scaled buildings tied to their region and site — facilities that are spatially compelling and serve their mission with clarity. Our approach is based in editing design solutions to their essentials; selecting long-lasting and regionally significant materials; and creating spaces that are healthy, efficient, and adaptive.

When we design and build structures that make their users feel special and are flexible enough to serve multiple generations, they become culturally significant buildings worth preserving in the future.

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Our People

Behind every great design are thoughtful, talented people. At Hennebery Eddy, the strength of our award-winning portfolio is a direct reflection of the professional and personal development of our staff. Our collaborative team shares a passion for architecture and interior design and possesses an interminable work ethic and an entrepreneurial spirit.

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Our Values

Our office culture is rooted in collaborative, interactive decision making and encourages design in-put from all staff members and our clients. This collaboration results in projects that exceed expectations regarding process, performance, beauty, and budget. We are guided by a set of core firm values that inform how we think, interact, operate, lead, and design.

Our Impact

Community service and charitable giving permeate the firm, reflected in wide-ranging engagements around our community. From supporting social equity initiatives and introducing design to young students, to organizing pro bono work and volunteers service projects, Hennebery Eddy strives to model civic engagement within our industry and beyond.