Grand Reopening for OSU Strand Ag Hall

By Hennebery Eddy


We celebrated the completion of the Strand Agriculture Hall Rehabilitation along with 100 others at the grand reopening yesterday on OSU’s campus.

Excerpt from an article in the Corvallis Gazette-Times covering the event:

“In a speech in front of the building’s reopening Tuesday, Senate President Peter Courtney, D-Salem, said the improvements to Strand were an investment in the state’s past and its future.

‘Strand was built eight decades before we knew just how vulnerable Oregon was to the mighty quake — which is coming,’ Courtney said, adding that Oregon is ‘long overdue’ for a major earthquake event. ‘(OSU) is an example to others who must take action to make their own buildings safer.’

The seismic upgrades to the building, which were made possible due to the $24.9 million in bonds and State Energy Loan Program funding, include brick masonry walls reinforced with steel bars and shortcrete — a construction technique designed to stabilize the building’s exterior. The improvements could provide people inside the building with valuable seconds in the event of an earthquake, said architect Doug Reimer, who designed the improvements to Strand.”

Read the full article on the Corvallis Gazette-Times website.