Lessons Learned: The Latest in Innovative Interior Design from NeoCon

By Jessy Miguel and Liz Bray, Interior Designers

innovative interior designers at Hennebery Eddy Architects

Each year, Hennebery Eddy sends members of our interior design team to the NeoCon conference in Chicago, billed as “the world’s leading platform for the commercial design industry.” Jessy and Liz share what they saw at this year’s June show.

It’s well established that beige cubicles are no longer best practice for workplace design. But the world of innovative interior design and planning is constantly progressing to promote experiences that are productive, flexible, and inspiring. Because of Hennebery Eddy’s commitment to net-positive spaces that are healthy, efficient, and adaptive, our interior design team is always keeping tabs on these advancements.

This year, NeoCon showcased a fresh perspective on contract furnishings. We were inspired by the integrity of materials, attention to detail, tactile experience, expressions of structure, and a lighthearted intelligence. The following trends stood out among manufacturers at the show.

innovative interior design trends

Color Trends

On point with Pantone’s 2019 colors of the year, we noticed new hues entering the contract interiors world. Variations of this trend included terracotta, muted dusty blush, and pale pink. The most common accent colors were bright yellow, hunter greens, and saturated blues.

innovative interior design trends

Privacy/Phone Booths

Multiple companies are manufacturing freestanding soundproof phone booths or “pods” (like these options from Framery and Teknion). Offered in various sizes and finishes, they feature integrated power, lighting, ventilation, and furnishings.


Mixed Materials

Furnishings at NeoCon showcased the trend of man-made and natural materials used in combination. We were delighted to see advances being made toward the use of 100% recyclable plastics and PVC-free options like polypropylene.



The majority of furnishings were predominately curvilinear in form, shifting away from the formal rectilinear silhouettes. These forms set the stage for a more casual and approachable setting for workplace environments.

innovative interior design trends

Dimensional Acoustics

Acoustic solutions are not always required to follow the standard definition. Acoustics can become an opportunity to brand, be bold, be inspiring, and meet acoustical considerations for the space and client needs.