Gerlinger Alumni Lounge at University of Oregon Receives Top Preservation Award

By Hennebery Eddy

Hennebery Eddy’s rehabilitation of the Alumni Lounge in the University of Oregon’s historic Gerlinger Hall was recognized with a 2022 DeMuro Award from Restore Oregon. Gerlinger Hall is listed in the National Register of Historic Places as part of the Women’s Memorial Quadrangle building group on campus. The building is significant to the UO campus because of its craftsmanship in the Georgian architectural style and its association with important university figures, Irene Gerlinger and Ellis Lawrence. Gerlinger was the first woman Regent, an avid fundraiser, and an advocate who campaigned for the building beginning in 1915. Lawrence was the first dean of the architecture school and university architect. The Alumni Lounge is a premier space for special events and recognized as one of the most significant historic interior spaces on campus.

Historic UO Gerlinger Hall

Selected annually by Restore Oregon, the state’s nonprofit dedicated to preserving Oregon’s historic resources, the DeMuro Awards honor historic rehabilitation projects throughout the state that demonstrate “exceptional quality, creativity, and community impact from the restoration and reuse of historic properties.” The 2022 award is Hennebery Eddy’s sixth DeMuro Award, reflecting the expertise of our in-house Historic Resources Group.