The Forefront of Interior Design, from NeoCon

By Alexis Wilson & Marema Mamilova, Interior Designers

Recently, Hennebery Eddy interior designers Alexis Wilson and Marema Mamilova traveled to the NeoCon conference in Chicago, billed as “the world’s leading platform and most important event of the year for the commercial interior design industry since 1969.” Here, Alexis and Marema share what trends and innovations they saw at the June 2023 show.

What’s New with Hue?

Earth tones made an appearance in a variety of NeoCon show rooms, creating calm and relaxing work, education, and lounge spaces without omitting color.

Hit the Round Running

Many show rooms featured beautiful rounded furniture pieces to create soft yet inviting spaces. As people return to the workplace and public spaces post-pandemic, organic shapes, rounded corners, and softness bring the comfort of home wherever we go.

It’s All in the Details

There was extra special attention to the details in many of pieces shown throughout because, as we know, it’s all in the details! Construction details played a huge role in product sustainability.

All For One / One For All

A big emphasis on flexibility was seen throughout each of the showrooms we visited, with products displaying innovative customization abilities.

Blast From the Past

From color schemes to textures to actual furniture pieces, inspiration from previous decades was prevalent in this year’s showrooms.

Marema and Alexis take Chicago by storm.


Inspirational Keynotes

We heard from several speakers who inspired us to continue pursuing a net-positive impact through design. Michael Murphy of MASS Design Group posed that “beauty is a right that needs to be distributed.” Michael Ford of Hip Hop Architecture and hip-hop artist Lupe Fiasco discussed how “lyrics are critiques of form and space.” And Jon Strassner, Chief Sustainability Officer with ASID, and Joey Shimoda of Shimoda Design Group talked about the evolution of sustainability and the importance of making it easier to do the right thing when considering sustainable design.