Enable Well-Being: A Volunteer Makeover Creates More Restorative Spaces

By Hennebery Eddy

Hennebery Eddy volunteers moved and built furniture, installed changing tables and new wall art, and cleaned and organized visitation rooms at the Oregon Department of Human Services Alberta location.

Hennebery Eddy Teams with Every Child PDX & Oregon Department of Human Services for a Juneteenth Day of Service Project

Hennebery Eddy’s guiding principles include enabling well-being, fostering delight, and revitalizing communities. Each year, the firm provides the opportunity for staff to spend paid time volunteering on three days of service. This year, our Portland studio partnered with Every Child PDX, a local nonprofit organization, to refresh an Oregon Department of Human Services (ODHS) office and child welfare visitation rooms.

ODHS provides assistance and safe spaces to hundreds of children and families each week, often serving as the first place of refuge during a crisis. Due to limited or no funding, ODHS child welfare offices are often neglected with worn-out furniture and toys — sending the wrong message to children and families. Every Child PDX organizes volunteer office makeovers to create environments that speak dignity, worth, and value to the families who spend precious time together in the visitation rooms, and to ODHS staff.

“Thank you to the entire Hennebery Eddy team for the work you are doing to make the Alberta Branch visitation rooms and conference rooms a welcoming, comfortable place for kids, families, and staff. Your generosity, time and talents are so appreciated!”

— Kristine, liaison/volunteer with Every Child PDX

Hennebery Eddy worked with the ODHS Alberta branch to identify needs for its North Portland office. Conference rooms — used for meetings with parents, lawyers, and caseworkers — needed new furniture and de-cluttering. Visitation rooms for supervised visits between children in foster care and their parents were spartan. General-use spaces needed sprucing.

A team of 18 Hennebery Eddy helpers contributed to the Juneteenth Day of Service makeover, volunteering more than 100 hours to refresh two conference rooms, six visitation rooms, and the lobby and hallways. The effort included:

  • cleaning walls, benches, furniture, and toys
  • assembling newly donated tables, furniture, and fixtures
  • de-cluttering, organizing, and installing furniture, artwork, and baby changing tables
  • fixing a series of existing alphabet shadow boxes and replacing missing installations

Hennebery Eddy staff donated personal artwork for visitation rooms, printing and framing the photography and paintings in-house. Several of the firm’s project vendors donated furniture and fixtures to replace worn, outdated, and broken items in the office. Bobrick Washroom Equipment donated four infant changing tables, and Commercial Furniture Distributors donated lounge chairs and conference room chairs. Additional supply and furniture donations came from the firm and individual employees, including washable area rugs, frames, shelving units, chairs, and toys. In all, Hennebery Eddy donated $1,500 to the project, with employees contributing an additional $1,019.

Alicia Reynolds, ODHS Alberta Branch Program Manager, had this to say after the project: “On Tuesday morning this week, I excitedly hurried into the office to go and see the changes that were made, and I was struck by how good things looked! From the updates made in the lobby area to the visitation hallway and rooms and the improvements in the conference rooms — it’s incredible. I was proud to show it off to staff and managers this week and had some managers’ jaws hit the floor when they came into Room 2 and saw the new chairs available there. The work you put in was exceptional, and we are incredibly grateful!”

The afternoon shift of Hennebery Eddy volunteers at the ODHS Albert branch.