We design places that foster urban, community, and workplace connections

Commercial & Corporate

Our commercial building architects design projects that contribute to a vibrant and healthy community, from pedestrian-oriented mixed-use developments to tech-savvy but people-centric workplaces. Driven by our core values of listening first and making others successful, we provide a range of services, from initial feasibility studies that test project viability to comprehensive services necessary to bring your project from inception to occupancy.

The Reserve

Our adaptive reuse of this 1950 Federal Reserve Bank respects the building’s simple forms and clean lines while creating a transparent, accessible, welcoming — and vibrant — commercial office building.

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Community Development

Clients, communities, and the people who use the places we design are at the center of our work. We design projects that support a healthy, pedestrian-oriented, street-level urban environment.

Hampton Inn Portland urban design Hennebery Eddy Architects

Urban Design

Our designers and planners create successful urban environments through strong design criteria related to a site or building’s context, the public/pedestrian realm, and quality and permanence. We include dynamic ground-level uses and transparency to enhance how your building and site connects to the street and neighborhood.


Hampton Inn Portland urban design Hennebery Eddy Architects

Mixed Use

We understand the relationship between the program components in mixed-use buildings and how to relate them to urban and suburban pedestrian environments. Our experience includes new, adaptive reuse, and renovation projects incorporating housing, commercial office, retail, and parking uses.


Adaptive Reuse & Historic Rehabilitation

Hennebery Eddy carefully integrates new uses into a wide variety of existing building types. We specialize in:

  • Reinvigorating underused buildings through adaptive reuse.
  • Transforming industrial buildings into modern, comfortable places for people.
  • Integrating modernization requirements and owner needs into the context and history of existing structures.

Industry + Workforce

From corporate office interiors to high-tech production spaces, our teams can help you envision functional, healthy, and enjoyable work environments. We focus on occupant well-being – through natural light, collaboration spaces, human-scale elements, and flexibility – to boost morale and drive innovation.

Workplace Design

Hennebery Eddy works with innovative leaders in office design and productivity – clients who understand that well-designed spaces strengthen collaboration and bolster company culture and camaraderie.


We work with developers, incubators, startups, and established corporations on laboratories that accommodate R&D, materials research and testing, computation and analytics, and Biosafety Level II requirements.

sustainable manufacturing facility design factory floor

Advanced Manufacturing

We design a range of manufacturing, prototyping, and testing facilities – including cleanrooms – that use flexibility, natural light, color, and site context to achieve a high level of design and promote health and safety.

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Your Local Partners

Jurisdictional review is no sweat. Our approach is to include permitters and planners in the process and to maintain these relationships — establishing mutual trust and a shared understanding of critical issues that can produce a simpler, more cost-effective project and help avoid any late-stage surprises. We have a strong track record of approvals; several members of our staff have been or currently sit on local design, planning, and historic landmarks commissions, and projects benefit from this deep of understanding of the regulators’ perspective.

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Bozeman development

We love working hand-in-hand with clients to sort out challenges and dream up ways to build stronger communities. If your project needs a collaborative partner, let’s chat.

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