We seek opportunities for creativity and value through alternate project delivery methods

A Commitment to ‘Design-Build Done Right’

Hennebery Eddy is active in exploring and advocating Design-Build Done Right™, an initiative from the Design Build Institute of America (DBIA) that can provide great creativity, innovation, and value for both the owner and the project team. Through these principles, the opportunity to bring expertise and experience to bear early — at the most critical moments of project development — helps create a collaborative alliance between designers and builders.

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Air Manufacturing Innovation Facility

Partnered with Mortenson Construction as a progressive design-build team, we delivered a 140,000sf manufacturing facility expansion surpassing the client’s goals for a sustainable and healthy workplace.

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Understanding Best Practices for Success

Alternative delivery methods provide an opportunity to develop and rely on a target value design strategy that capitalizes on the expertise and creativity of each team member. Whether CM/GC, design-build, public-private partnerships (PPP), or aspirational integrated project delivery (IPD), alternative methods encourage working together as a unified group to meet design, cost, and schedule goals. Depending on the owner’s project goals and the state of the economy, each method has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. A solid understanding of target value design and other alternative delivery best practices is the cornerstone for project success. Our team is happy to work with you to determine what method best suits your project.

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Trends and Best Practices in Design-Build Delivery

The latest thinking on how design-build project delivery can improve collaboration, risk management, and innovation

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Teamwork, Trust & Achieving the Benefits of Design-Build

Design-build offers unique benefits achieved through the kind of constant teamwork afforded when everyone gets to pick their partners

DBIA Award Honors Design-Build Excellence

Hennebery Eddy and Fortis Construction received a national merit award for the design-build delivery of a state office renovation

Proven Design-Build Experience

Hennebery Eddy is the recipient of a DBIA National Merit award for our design-build project success. Our portfolio includes a dozen public design-build projects, as well as more than $100 million in corporate design-build projects recently under construction.

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Commitment & Expertise

Our Staff

Members of our staff were involved in the founding of the DBIA Oregon chapter and remain active in the organization by serving on the board of directors and organizing regional education events. Our team of design-build architects are certified through the DBIA.

Our Firm

Our ultimate goal is a great outcome for the owner and entire project team — to make others successful. We embrace the efficiencies inherent in a well-crafted alternative project delivery process and build strong relationships built on mutual trust and responsibility.

Our Partners

We look for partners whose values mirror our own and who deliver a high level of service and technical expertise. Throughout the design process we focus on clear, direct communication and collaboration with our local, regional, and national construction partners.

“Hennebery Eddy is client-focused — they focus design efforts on the client’s goals and are very collaborative in a team atmosphere with the owners and the contractors. They are experts at managing the process and are accountable.”

— Rob Fallow, Fortis Construction

Design-build and other alternative delivery methods – where everyone gets to pick their own team – can be an excellent choice to collaboratively achieve your project goals. Wondering if alternative delivery is right for your project? Let’s chat.

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