We create human-centric spaces that reflect and respond to their users

Interior Design

Hennebery Eddy’s interior designers work as part of our integrated design teams to create beautiful interior spaces that stand the test of time. Successful interiors must be memorable and encourage the human experience. Our thoughtful approach to scale, proportion, natural light, context, and sustainability — together with our love of craft and quality materials — enables us to create functional, efficient, timeless, and healthy spaces for both public and private clients. In addition to design, our team offers expertise in programming and space planning for all project sizes and complexities, beginning with thorough programming to determine functions and needs, then translating into physical reality.

A building’s interior features define its character at a personal level. In our interior design projects, we strive to convey the character of the space and our client by sensitively designing the sequence of spaces, spatial volumes, architectural details, and materials. Our approach to design is comprehensive. We use a variety of media and design tools to explore the scale, orientation, architectural character, use of natural light, sustainable design solutions, and relationship to context. Furniture, fixtures, and fabrics are selected using considerations for superior durability, longevity, quality, comfort, and aesthetics. Spaces are designed to the human scale and foster delight and interaction.

Hennebery Eddy brings extensive workplace design experience and is at the forefront of activity-based, alternative workstyle approaches, having designed acres of cutting-edge office spaces for innovative leaders in office design and productivity – clients who understand that workplace flexibility attracts and retains top talent. Together with these clients and their teams, we seek to find the environment that best supports their unique tasks, considering factors such as collaborative vs. individual spaces, various postures, diversity of preference, and evolving technology. The workplace today incorporates new spaces that go beyond the private office, cubicle, and conference room, and our designers are aware of the need to consider the utility of meditation rooms, break-out spaces, phone and conference rooms, nooks, and other flexible spaces.