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In-House Historic Resources & Services

Hennebery Eddy specializes in crafting historically sensitive projects that integrate existing architecture with modern elements to give those stories new life. Our in-house Historic Resources Group possesses comprehensive experience in addressing the entire spectrum of historic preservation practice. Collectively, our Bozeman & Portland historical architects and specialists have experience in all aspects of historic projects, including identification and evaluation of historic resources, documentation and assessment, treatment recommendations, and design and construction within sensitive historic settings. Overlaying our firm-wide focus on achieving sustainable goals for all projects, we strive to deliver buildings and tools with long-term stewardship in mind.

OSU Strand Agriculture Hall

Our team of historic preservationists helped Oregon State University transform this 100-year-old classroom building into a modern learning environment, while retaining its historic character.

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Our Philosophy Is Centered On Change

The U.S. Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation recognize that change is often linked to a historic resource’s continued longevity. We seek creative approaches to protecting a structure’s historic and cultural integrity while incorporating the inevitable changes into a building’s ongoing story. The result of our approach has been a series of highly regarded, award-winning projects that retain their historic integrity while also providing for long-term use.

Assessing Montana’s Landmark State Capitol
adaptive reuse
Adaptive Reuse Turns 1911 Building Into Hip New Hotel
Unique Mid-Century Materials: The Challenges of Vitrolite Glass
Extending the usable life of an existing building offers enormous savings in energy and raw materials while also providing an opportunity to incorporate modern sustainable concepts — a design approach we feel addresses the environmental challenges of our time. Hennebery Eddy considers historic preservation to be a high level of sustainable design, as it is based on preserving our natural and cultural resources as well as conserving our existing building stock and reducing the amount of embodied energy contained in building a new building. We apply the same concepts, processes, and technologies used in new construction to historic building projects — having a positive impact on people and community.

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Specialized Programs for Your Project

Our Historic Resources Group has deep experience with all facets of the historic tax credit process, including eligibility determinations, property nominations, existing conditions documentation, Part 2 Applications (description of work), and Part 3 Applications (post-construction documentation). In addition, the State of Oregon has a Special Assessment of Historic Properties program, which amounts to a tax freeze. Hennebery Eddy can assist clients with application for or renewal of this program.

Local, Regional & National Knowledge

Our historical architects have experience sitting on city design and historic landmark review commissions and understand the way projects that are proposed in historic districts are evaluated from a review body’s point of view. Their in-depth knowledge of the U.S. Secretary of the Interior’s Standards and current preservation best practices helps clients to achieve appropriate and compatible results. Hennebery Eddy has ongoing experience working with State Historic Preservation Offices (SHPO) in several states.

“In the capital funding process, legislators are recognizing the importance of maintenance and preservation, restoration, updating, and safety. This is a magnificent example of taking care of what you have, and in this one, designing to support – and even propel — the best into the future.”

— Oregon State Rep. Nancy Nathanson of Eugene on UO Chapman Hall

Conservation Services

Through a combination of historical research, in situ investigation, and laboratory analysis under a stereomicroscope, our team provides in-house architectural-finishes analysis, including metal and wood finish identification and paint color history and color matching.

Preservation Planning

Our team of preservation specialists have significant experience in performing the variety of review, research, and assessment tasks required to fully understand a historic resource before making appropriate short- and long-term treatment recommendations.

Condition Assessments

Hennebery Eddy’s Historic Resources Group has completed numerous condition assessments for local, state, and federal agencies, documenting deficiencies and recommending appropriate treatment alternatives for historically designated and eligible buildings.

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