Our links to the past tell a story

Historic Resources

Hennebery Eddy specializes in crafting historically sensitive projects that integrate existing architecture with modern elements to give those stories new life. A team of in-house preservationists — who meet the U.S. Secretary of Interior’s Standards for Historic Preservation — possess comprehensive experience in addressing the entire spectrum of historic preservation issues. Collectively, our Portland historical architects have participated in all phases of restoration, rehabilitation, adaptive reuse, and preservation projects, including preliminary planning and feasibility, documentation and assessment, treatment recommendations, and design and construction within sensitive historic settings.

We invest substantial time and resources into the latest technology and practices for best accommodating the inevitable change in buildings — while recognizing that such change can be incorporated in a way that retains the structure’s historic and cultural integrity. The result of our approach has been a series of highly regarded, award-winning projects that retain their historic integrity while also providing for long-term use.

The Hennebery Eddy team has deep experience with all facets of the historic tax credit process, including eligibility determinations, property nominations, existing conditions documentation, Part 2 Applications (description of work), and Part 3 Applications (post-construction documentation). In addition, the State of Oregon has a Special Assessment of Historic Properties program, which amounts to a tax freeze. Hennebery Eddy can assist clients with application for or renewal of this program.

Our historical architects have experience sitting on city design and historic landmark review commissions and understand the way projects that are proposed in historic districts are evaluated from a review body’s point of view. Their in-depth knowledge of the U.S. Secretary of the Interior’s Standards and current preservation best practices helps clients to achieve appropriate and compatible results. Hennebery Eddy has ongoing experience working with State Historic Preservation Offices (SHPO) in several states on a variety of projects.