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Air Manufacturing Innovation Facility Expansion

This large-scale expansion was built to serve the current and future needs of a large corporate client’s in-house manufacturing innovation division and designed to push the envelope in terms of healthy and efficient factory workspaces. Hennebery Eddy led the sustainable manufacturing facility design, partnered with Mortenson Construction as a progressive design-build delivery team. The building is LEED certified — a significant achievement considering the size and scale of manufacturing there.

The project added 140,000 square feet to an existing facility, including a new employee entrance; central utility plant for the entire facility; and breakroom, meeting, and training areas that reflect the client’s commitment to cutting-edge workspaces. Thoughtfully located clerestories and curtainwall glazing flood the factory floor with natural light. Operable louvers remove production-generated heat loads from the building by using stack ventilation, reducing mechanical cooling needs. All energy is renewably sourced, and advanced commissioning helps decrease long-term energy operation costs. The combination of abundant daylight and natural ventilation creates a comfortable, productive workplace.

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Located on a complicated site that includes a floodplain, natural resource area, and contaminated soils from a previous owner, the building, parking, and landscaping were strategically situated to preserve wetlands and mature trees. Those trees removed from the site were salvaged as custom furniture, and stormwater is treated onsite by a series of vegetated basins. Recycled materials account for more than 20% of new material costs, and 92% of construction waste was diverted from landfills. As part of the client’s commitment to worker safety and economic resiliency, the expansion was voluntarily designed to essential facility seismic standards.

Project Contact

Kyle Womack AIA