Astoria Column



Astoria Column, built in 1926, is an Oregon Historic Landmark with 164 winding steps that lead to a viewing platform. After 80 years of intense use and severe coastal weather, the original cast iron stairs became a safety concern, and the column was closed. Hennebery Eddy investigated several restoration and replacement options and settled on a durable cast steel design that replicates the original spiral treads. We also identified a constructability strategy to remove the non-original dome in order to remove the existing stair and insert the new stair with minimal impact to the column.

Installing the new stair required temporary removal of that non-original dome, a 225-foot crane, and an operator with a spinal surgeon’s touch. With the new stairs in place, Astoria Column once again allows visitors to experience the stunning mountain and coastal views of northwest Oregon.

Project Contact

David Wark FAIA