Beaverton City Hall administration building renovation

Beaverton City Hall Renovation

Hennebery Eddy worked with the City of Beaverton to move 175 employees from their existing City Hall to the first, fourth, and fifth floors of the Beaverton South Office Building. We interviewed all department heads, department staff, and city councilors and incorporated their input into the building program. The resulting design promotes efficiency, future flexibility, and communication between departments, with open office work stations located along perimeter windows, a small number of private offices, a café, and double the number of existing conference and meeting spaces, and a new city council chambers. A new central desk on the first floor allows visitors to complete typical transactions with the city at one location while also reducing the square footage required for each department and increasing building security. For this LEED Gold administration building renovation, we secured cash incentives to achieve a comprehensive lighting upgrade that improved both energy use and staff comfort.

Project Contact

David Wark FAIA