aerial image of housing development, with trees in the foreground, blue sky, and mountains in the background

Bridger View Neighborhood

Bridger View, a compact Bozeman neighborhood of 62 sustainably built homes, sits on 8 acres and features shared open spaces and pedestrian connections to the adjacent Story Mill Community Park and local trail systems. This unique neighborhood addresses housing inequity and promotes sustainable building practices.

As a mixed income development, Bridger View helps bridge the growing gap between current wages and housing costs. Half of the homes at Bridger View will be held in the Headwaters Community Housing Trust, providing permanent home ownership opportunities for middle-income Bozeman residents. Resembling some of Bozeman’s older neighborhoods, Bridger View features smaller homes, lots, and streets than the city’s current average, and subsequently will require fewer resources for maintenance and landscaping. Courtyards and communal green spaces will be places for neighbors to connect and enjoy the outdoors. Shared streets are narrow, encouraging slower vehicle traffic and better walkability.

Construction site image of Bridger View neighborhood, featuring sustainably built homes.

Each of the homes of Bridger View has a high-performing building envelope, designed for greater energy efficiency and lower utility bills for homeowners.  High-quality, healthy, and durable materials help ensure the homes will be cared for by generations to come. While many projects strive to address environmental concerns, housing inequity, or challenge the traditional development practices, Bridger View achieves all three, providing solutions to systemic issues and serving as a model for future development in Bozeman.

Hennebery Eddy collaborated with evolveEA, Stahly Engineering & Associates Inc., Groundprint LLC, Navigate LLC, Design 5, and Langlas & Associates.

Video courtesy evolveEA.