Lake Oswego Library interior design Hennebery Eddy Architects

Lake Oswego Public Library Study & Interior Renovation

Hennebery Eddy conducted a feasibility study on how best to reorganize the Lake Oswego Public Library’s cramped and inefficient interior into a more pleasant and healthy environment, relieve the many points of congestion, and increase work productivity through both layout and library technology.

A partial renovation based on this study removed the library’s “fortress” lobby desk for smaller service points that are more accessible to patrons, added an easily accessible and visible holds area, and integrated sleek self-check-out kiosks to reduce wait times. Hard flooring was replaced with an intriguing carpet pattern that reduces noise and leads patrons through the lobby to the rest of the library.

The staff workroom is now organized around a clear, wide “interior street” for carts and people, flanked by storage, counter space, and private offices. Our library interior design — along with integration of an Automated Materials Handling (AMH) system — provides efficient, ergonomic handling of the collection, improving the work environment for staff who process more than 1 million checked-out items per year.

The library’s new AMH system at work.

Project Contact

David Wark FAIA