Lewis & Clark College Bodine & Olin Hall Laboratories

Under separate design-build contractors, Hennebery Eddy renovated multiple lab spaces for Lewis & Clark College in Bodine and Olin Halls, including teaching labs, research labs, and lecture halls for various scientific disciplines. We created customized laboratories to support the complex research of professors studying organic synthesis for biomedical applications, neurobiology of the common fruit fly, biomechanics and physiology of gecko’s sticky feet, and evolutionary analyses of spider venoms.

Hennebery Eddy also worked with faculty from the biology, chemistry, bio-psych, and physics departments to update teaching labs, with a focus on streamlined, efficient layouts that prioritize shared working space. As a reconfigured space that now encourages greater collaboration, the lab plays a central role in promoting experiential learning and student inquiry surrounding lab-based study. New layouts in the teaching labs better meet laboratory best practices, including snorkel hoods at each work station.

Project Contact

Kyle Womack AIA