Linfield University Strategic Facilities Guide Master Plan

This strategic facilities guide was designed to link Linfield University’s Strategic Plan with the campus assets located on the school’s two campuses. The main campus in McMinnville includes more than 195 acres and is home to the majority of the academic programs, while the Portland campus houses nursing and health science programs. The process revolved around a 12-person campus leadership committee to determine areas of opportunity to serve strategic growth and improvement needs.

The private college master plan addresses short-term and long-term uses for newly vacated and underutilized spaces, taking into account future growth and departmental efficiency. The programming and design process included documentation of existing spaces, administration of user questionnaires and interviews, and resulted in program data sheets and test fit plans for 21 departments in six buildings. Through careful listening, we helped Linfield discover that their area for highest potential impact would be improved access to administration and student services — so the plan prioritized limited capital funding to the areas of greatest impact for student success. Upon completion of the plan, Hennebery Eddy worked with Linfield to design improvements to historic Melrose Hall and Walker Hall, which house critical student administration and academic services, fulfilling the strategic guide’s primary focus.

Project Contact

Timothy R. Eddy FAIA