Peach & Wallace

Sometimes a building can help lift an entire neighborhood. The Comma-Q Studio designed a new building that captures the funky industrial vernacular of its northeast Bozeman neighborhood. The Brown Warehouse, which houses Wild Crumb Bakery, became the cornerstone of what was to grow into a thriving and energized part of the city. Turns out it was only a first step in the revitalization of this area. Five years later, Comma-Q modified an existing concrete block building, which created a new life for this 4,000 square foot structure. The open studio design involved creating flexible, comfortable offices and efficient warehouse space. This renovation was followed by the new construction of the Mill Street Loft Building, which consists of four residential loft units and street-level commercial spaces. With towering ceilings, rooftop decks, and exposed structural steel throughout, the building demonstrates a refined, modern look while borrowing from the industrial feel of the neighborhood. The renovation and additions that have taken place on the corner of Peach and Wallace rejuvenated this area and created a sense of place for neighbors.

Project Contact

Bozeman architect
Ben Lloyd AIA