Reed College Spanish Language House

The Spanish Language House serves as a center for Spanish language and culture, housing upper-class students and live-in scholars participating in Reed College’s language immersion program. Our design for the residence hall reflects the character of the surrounding 1920s cottages designed by noted local architect A.E. Doyle.

The 9,500-square-foot, three-story building includes an interconnected living room, dining room, and kitchen designed to foster a sense of community. Window seats and study alcoves throughout the space offer varying levels of privacy for study and conversation. A new plaza unifies the cluster of individual language houses (Spanish, German, French, Russian, and Chinese) into an “international district,” creating a place for students to celebrate these unique cultures.

“I consider the new Spanish House design one of the best at Reed in a long time. Apart from its attractive and appropriate appearance, it manages to incorporate the existing language houses in a new design creating an interior courtyard open to the campus … this space deserves to be recognized for a significant long-term contribution to the campus.”

— Charles Rhyne, Professor Emeritus of Art History, Reed College

Project Contact

Kyle Womack AIA