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Sherman County Courthouse Historic Rehabilitation & Expansion

The Sherman County Courthouse has been this Oregon community’s most important building since it was built in 1899. In this rural, low-population area, all county administration, courts, district attorney, and sheriff operations share a location. Hennebery Eddy’s courthouse renovation design transforms the existing site into a civic and community destination while accommodating long-overdue needs for increased space and security with a new building that thoughtfully integrates with the historic courthouse.

Cupola installation and winter snow photos courtesy Sherman County

With more than double the square-footage of the historic courthouse, the new building includes courtroom space and administrative offices, including those with higher-security needs like the DA and the sheriff’s department. High-performance systems and solar panels are among the building’s sustainable design features. Set back from the historic courthouse, the addition was designed with complementary features and low massing that helps prioritize the historic courthouse without overshadowing it. A glass link discreetly connects the two buildings, improving functionality and accessibility.

In the original courthouse, a light renovation accommodates the remaining county services. The rehabilitation preserved certain historic features, restored the original paint colors, and installed a new cupola to replicate the storm-damaged original. As part of the project, Hennebery Eddy conceived and organized a public art gallery with submissions from community members that feature Sherman County-themed artwork, promoting a healthy work environment, sense of place, and civic pride.

Project Contact

Carin Carlson AIA


DeMuro Award, Restore Oregon, 2019