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Laboratory Design Expertise

Hennebery Eddy has wide-ranging expertise in commercial, corporate, and academic laboratory design. As a team of innovators, we understand the value of flexible spaces that adapt to technological change. We believe every laboratory, prep room, office, hallway, and alcove is an opportunity to promote engagement and exploration. Our work includes new construction and adaptive reuse lab projects, and the planning of research and teaching science environments.

Our lab portfolio includes commercial biotech and life sciences spaces that support cutting-edge research and development and emphasize sustainable design solutions. Corporate clients have benefited from our materials testing lab and product design lab spaces. Our academic projects include general sciences labs for university curriculum and graduate-level research and K-12 learning laboratories. Taking a long-term approach balances today’s needs while retaining an eye on providing resiliency, flexibility, and adaptability for emerging technologies and the evolution of scientific inquiry in both wet and dry lab facilities.

biotech lab design

Eastside Innovation Hub

This wet lab in Portland’s Central Eastside Industrial District will provide 18,000 square feet of private research space for biotechnology incubator tenants, filling a niche in Portland’s rapidly developing life sciences research industry. The 40,000-square-foot adaptive reuse of this concrete and wood-frame warehouse adds a third story.

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Commercial Research & Development Laboratory Design

From spaces for biotech research, tracking every movement of world-class athletes and labs for studying the durability of decorative coatings, to wear-testing materials until failure, printing 3-D prototypes from dust, and studying the physics of a golf ball as it travels over 200 mph, our success lies in the close collaboration with scientists and researchers to design for specific lab requirements while maintaining flexibility to adapt for future innovation.

College & University Labs and STEM Learning Spaces

Integrating learning into a laboratory requires sensitivity to teaching pedagogies and research protocols. Our approach is to combine technical sophistication, functional complexity, safety considerations, and human-centered experience into the design, with an emphasis on collaboration spaces, paving the way for both near-term and long-term success. Hennebery Eddy has designed more than a dozen STEM projects, with recent higher education labs projects ranging from the 220,000-square-foot Cordley Hall at Oregon State University, planned as “home for the sciences,” to Clackamas Community College’s new Harmony West Building, which includes new laboratory and STEM classrooms.

Sustainable Design for K-12 Learning Laboratories

Our labs for K-12 students support hands-on STEM learning, provide sophisticated research settings to students, and prioritize sustainable building design. Positive early laboratory learning experiences can steer young learners to explore advanced education and careers in science, and we strive to create inspirational and inviting student labs. Where possible, we include views to the outside and ample daylighting, keeping the practice of science visible and connected to the world around us. In anticipation of the high energy load of lab buildings, our emphasis on energy modeling, energy use-reduction strategies, and energy-creating sustainable design features helps minimize the environmental impact and incorporate learning opportunities for students.

Leaders in Lab Design

Our approach combines technical sophistication, functional complexity, safety, and human-centered experience into the design, while allowing for emerging technologies and scientific inquiry in commercial, corporate, and educational labs.

Kyle Womack

Kyle has more than 20 years of architectural experience on corporate, commercial, and higher education projects. His lab design work for manufacturing, research, and testing facilities includes a materials and mechanical testing labs, laser sintering labs, 3-D printing research and innovation labs, and apparel knitting machines space.

Doug Reimer

Doug’s 35 years of experience designing science research buildings and laboratories includes work at medical schools and research universities. His measured, problem-solving approach and deep background in laboratory design provides clients insight on how to drive innovation. Doug has managed both commercial and academic lab design projects, including renovations and adaptive reuse.

Jane Barker

Jane brings more than 30 years of experience designing higher education labs and STEM classrooms. She is well-versed in sustainable design, water quality testing facilities, and research laboratories, and is an expert in exploring innovative lab planning that aligns programming with organizational mission, safety, and budgets.

Gregg Sanders

Gregg understands the importance of research and having the proper space in which to conduct it; as a project manager and programming expert, he conducts his own primary research in learning space design. Gregg’s 25 years of experience serving public and private clients includes life sciences lab buildings, health sciences classroom building programming, and STEM classroom design.

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